Planeo – a game about discovery

What’s your friends favourite ice cream flavour? Do you know what marzipan is made from? Have you ever tried drawing something with your eyes closed? Planeo helps you discover all of those things. And for things you know or do well, you earn points. And once you have enough points you can hop into the […..]


The game inspired by LA’s passion for dogs and rich pop culture

My name is Sean Han, and the original idea for Dogtag started from board game nights hosted at my friend’s downtown Los Angeles apartments. We spent many nights over board games such as Coup and Munchkin, and I became curious about how game mechanics and each creator’s unique story made each game feel so much […..]


Educational children’s board game about the English alphabet

Hello! My name is Dina Konovalova (aka Dinkoobraz), and I would like to tell you about the creation of my design for two children’s board games. I have been working as an illustrator for about two years, and one of my dreams was to create illustrations for board games. My friends and I really like […..]


Top 10 best family board games of 2018 for Christmas

Happy holidays and a soon to be happy new year! 2017 is about to end, and it was an eventful year packed with outstanding new games. It was also a pretty exciting year for my account, The Review Board, which now has over 3700 amazing followers, and which has expanded to include the Review Corner […..]


A board game about the endangered polar and grizzly bears

My name is Sojeong Cha, student of visual design at Seoul National University of Sience and Technology (Seoul Tech) in Seoul, Korea. The Polar Bear & Grizzly Game was created by a team of five members. Team members are Seungju, Jina, Yejin, Sera and me. We are members of the team called INACOMS, studying graphic […..]


Sunflower Valley – A roll-and-draw creative world-building game with happy sunflowers

Hi there! I am Wouter, a game designer from The Netherlands. Last year I talked about my pirate game Wacky Pirates on Analog Games. Since I received quite a good response on that story, I would now like to show you how my third game came about: Sunflower Valley. Doodle City, published by 999 Games. […..]


Board game inspired by Pieter Bruegel’s Children’s Games (1560)

My name is Zofia Dziurawiec, I come from a small city—Tarnów in Poland. At the moment, I study graphic design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków. I am still learning so I hope every iteration of my work will be better than the previous one. Every day I develop my passion for dancing, […..]

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