6 captivating home mystery games

In the past few years, an awesome trend has sprung up in gaming, and it’s been quickly growing and evolving: home mysteries. One-off, cooperative puzzle adventures, often strongly story driven and with a lot of emphasis on atmosphere. They’re sort of a hybrid between subscription boxes like The Mysterious Package Company (check those out if […..]


Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood of Venice Board Game

For those who do not know me yet, my name is Thibaud de la Touanne and I’m the founder of my board game studio Triton Noir, whose first title was the cooperative V-Commandos (I talked about this amazing project two years ago here on Analog Games). While this tabletop game was all about infiltration, combat […..]


Table Games At Home And Online

There is nothing better than a game of poker with friends on a weekend, but sometimes it isn’t possible to get them all together in one location. However, with a number of online table games accessible to you online you can have that very same experience without even leaving the house. Here, we are going […..]


Poker with a Twist

If someone asked you to list the traditional card games, poker would probably be one of the first ones you mentioned. Still, the word poker can mean a whole range of different games, from the simple and straightforward, to the strategically complex. Seen and unseen cards, community cards that anyone can use, and even wild […..]


The Difference Between Playing Poker In A Casino & Online At Home

I’ve been a fan of poker for a long time. It’s a card game of real skill and one that you can easily improve at if you work hard. The first times I played poker were generally at home: either at my house or at a friend’s. I spent hours learning which starting hands were […..]


Hollywood Death Race by Phil Vizcarro

January 2017. I am not a board games published designer yet. I just finished writing a book about geek culture and while waiting for my next project, I work on personal remakes of renowned board games. For fun. Unique pieces, not for sale. After developing a Guess who? Your favorite heroes—80’s Edition, I turn my […..]


How to play with serious topics in social simulations

Hi gaming fans, we are Aleksandra, Michalina and Sarah from the Centre for Systems Solutions, a Polish-based organization developing and applying social simulations that engage individuals and organizations in problem-solving processes. We had the pleasure to contribute an article about four of our games about a year ago—today, we want to inspire you with two […..]

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