Blueshift – the game that helped me survive

Last summer three things happened: My husband quit his illustration job and Started working from home because I stopped leaving the house At the time we had no idea what was going on, only that I was crying lots and having suicidal ideation. A year before I took a “break” from working, but one week […..]


An Unforgettable Marriage Proposal

Me and my friends have a tradition of tabletop gaming whenever we get a chance. So when one of my friends told me about his intention of asking another one of my friends to marry him via a custom, one of a kind tabletop game, there was no chance I was going to say no. […..]


A brief look into the design of Egyptian-themed IUNU by Todd Sanders

I’m Todd Sanders, a game designer and graphic designer from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I’ve been designing games for seven years now and recently have had the good fortune to work with LudiCreations on the publication of several of my games in a line we are calling the Sanders Select Series or SSS for short. We have […..]


Board game shelves around the world #40

Hello there traveller, take a seat and I shall begin. My name is Ross or for the social media types amongst you @moregamesplease. I live in England in a city called Nottingham, famous for everyone’s favourite thief, Robin Hood. I’m lucky enough to have lived in several different countries including Australia (g’day) and New Zealand […..]


Four engaging board games to think and change globally

Fix climate change. Fight social inequality and injustice. End global poverty. Whoa… would be awesome to resolve it all at once, right? However, when we think rationally, we know that it requires a lot of time and effort to achieve those important, world-changing goals. Personally, sometimes I feel quite helpless when I look at global […..]


Royals for Royalties

I’m Peer Sylvester, a humble teacher (is that an oxymoron?) of math and chemistry in Berlin, Germany. I also design games and, boy, I’m not so humble about that. I grew up with games. My father always loved abstract thinking, so I learned chess when I was four. I was never too gifted though, and […..]


Board game shelves around the world #39

Hi, I’m Hans and in the board game world I go by Hans Solo. That’s because I am primarily a solo gamer now. I don’t get to game with groups as often as I like so I’ve had to adapt. I have grown to enjoy solo gaming, so much so that I started a video […..]

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