The best card games to play at home and online

It’s always nice to get together with friends and play a game like Monopoly, Battle Star Galactica, D&D, or some card games. But what if your friends can’t come? After all, now, in the days of quarantine and lockdowns, movement is limited, and playing games via Skype or Zoom is not a very convenient entertainment. […..]


Anish Giri Looking To Win His First Tata Steel Chess Championship After Taking Lead

The TATA STEEL CHESS tournament is currently ongoing in Wijk aan Zee, Netherlands, and it has been a bag of surprises so far. Running from January 16-31, the TATA STEEL CHESS tournament is one of the most prestigious in the world for masters of board strategy. With just three rounds left in the tournament, Anish […..]


Top 10 Best Board Game Holiday Christmas Gift Guide 2020

The holidays are here and it’s that time of the year when we start looking for fun board game gifts for family and friends. With this crazy year, we know it’s even more important to pass the time along with some new tabletop games to forget all the misery. That’s why we’ve put together a […..]


Being The Hunter And The Hunted. Social Deduction With A Battling Twist.

My name’s Daniel Jamie Williams, I work mostly as an illustrator/animator here in London but I also like to design games. For me, Hunting Me, Hunting You is the game that I wanted to have as my first title as it combines so many of the things I love within tabletop games. I’m really into […..]


Future of Board Gaming: Is it bright?

Everyone knows video games have become more popular than traditional tabletop board games in recent times. But the rise in playing games on screens does not mean board games are not faring well. How popular are board games? According to a study published by ReportLinker in 2019, the global board game market is expected to […..]


5 Lessons Learned from a First Time Kickstarter Project that Funded

The Wyrd of Stromgard is my first major project as a game designer. It’s still hard to call myself that, given my inexperience, but after a nervous breakdown and leaving my ‘normal adult’ job, I’ve kind of thrown all my chips into it. Stromgard started out like any other TTRPG setting- it was a rough-spun […..]


Analog vs Digital Board Games: Which Are Better?

The perception people have of games has dramatically changed in the last century. While in the past, when you ask someone to show you what card games are, he would probably bring you a deck of cards, today they would bring you a tablet or an iPad instead. This change has brought about the fact […..]

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