Royals for Royalties

I’m Peer Sylvester, a humble teacher (is that an oxymoron?) of math and chemistry in Berlin, Germany. I also design games and, boy, I’m not so humble about that. I grew up with games. My father always loved abstract thinking, so I learned chess when I was four. I was never too gifted though, and […..]


Board game shelves around the world #39

Hi, I’m Hans and in the board game world I go by Hans Solo. That’s because I am primarily a solo gamer now. I don’t get to game with groups as often as I like so I’ve had to adapt. I have grown to enjoy solo gaming, so much so that I started a video […..]


Deliciously creative party game for foodies

Hi! I’m Kevin Reader, one of the designers of Competition Kitchen. Competition Kitchen has been baking in the oven for over 10 months now. The original idea of the game came from me and my co-designer Joe. We have a shared passion for cooking competition shows. We wanted to find a way to recreate that […..]


Taht-El-Balata — Board game about Financial Literacy for Egyptian students

I’m Mirna Noaman, graphic design researcher based in Cairo, Egypt. My work revolves around knitting critical research into socially and politically conscious design work. The slang term Taht-El-Balata literally translates to “Underneath the floor tile”. Taht El Balata is an educational board game for Egyptian students from middle school and upwards that helps them foster […..]


Board Game Artists #5: Maisherly

I am a kind of nerdy city girl living in Taipei. I like static activities, such as: drawing, playing games, reading comics and novels, listening music and singing. This is the big city I live in, Taipei. When I was a freshman, I walked through the booth of a board game club in the student […..]


The Future of Tabletop Games

Analog games are sometimes seen as a step backwards in technology when compared to the digital games on offer today. For many of us however, analog games still have a big impact on our lives and we’ll be eagerly watching for future developments. Card games and board games have been around for what feels like […..]


Board game shelves around the world #38

We are The Grady Twins! Not literally… neither of us are twins, we’re not related in any way, and we are not ghosts that haunt the halls of the Overlook Hotel in search of playmates… but we are a couple that love games and playing together. We tend to go by ‘A’ and ‘B’ while […..]

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