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Hylaria – have a wacky time together

Well hello there. The name is Joost Das, designer of digital and analog games, while at the same time working as an illustrator and graphic designer. Over the last 2 years I have directed all my free time, experience and skills into my latest project: Hylaria. A very easy to learn social game that pits […..]


Berghain ze Game

Hey guys! I’m Alexander Kandiloros and I run Ninja Print, an indie board game publisher in Sweden. We were honored to be featured on in its beginning with our game Story. Ninja Print started as a creative outlet parallel to my law studies but has evolved into what I spend most of my time […..]


Board Game Legends #1: Matt Leacock

I’m Matt Leacock, a board game designer living in Sunnyvale, California. In 2014, I quit my day job to work on board games full time. Before that, I designed games on nights and weekends while working as a user experience designer for a number of Silicon Valley companies. I’m best known for my cooperative games, […..]


Kingdoms Lawn Game

Hello. I’m Denny Weston, a game designer and entrepreneur from Charlottesville, Virginia. One of the elements I love about board games is fantasy. Several years ago, Small World was my introduction into the gaming world, and I love the different fantasy races with unique powers that Small World provides. On the other hand, I also […..]


Board game shelves around the world #36

Hey you all, or “Moi vaan kaikille” as we would say in Finland where I am from. I am Linda (@bunnysinister on Instagram) and I am a 32 year old gamer of all trades from Tampere. I live with my fiance (@captain_bringdown) in the centrum of our city. I work with kids in an afternoon […..]


Sculpted and sustainable bamboo tangrams

We are Liz Crawford and Adrienne McNicholas and we created Pebbles to offer a beautiful version of the traditional tangram game. We have been friends for more than twenty years and both value tradition and style in equal measure. Following our work in product design and development, we wanted to create a game that captured […..]


Saboteur: The successful mining-themed card game

I’m Frederic Moyersoen and I’d like to share with you the story behind my Saboteur game series. In 1998, I was a big fan of a TV show in Belgium, called ‘the Mole’. The series was about a group of people performing missions in a foreign country. In the group there was also a secret […..]

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