Board Game Artists #4: Peter Dennis

I’m Peter Dennis, a British freelance illustrator working for over 40 years on almost every type of illustration from comic strip to the Bible. I had been working since the mid 70’s as an illustrator of children’s books, mostly non-fiction and history, when I could get it, before Martin Wallace asked me to do some […..]


Slice & Dice

My name is Erik Svedäng and I’m a game designer from Sweden. All of my published games are video games (you’ll find ‘Blueberry Garden’ and ‘Else Heartbreak’ on Steam for example) but I’m also very interested in analog games and I have designed a lot of them ever since I was a kid. In the […..]


Board Game Artists #3: Justin Hillgrove

I am Justin Hillgrove, a 40 year old artist raised in the beautiful Pacific Northwest in Washington State, USA. I live in Snohomish with my wife and four children, a rabbit, a couple cats, and some chickens. I’m mostly self-taught though I did have that one year of art classes at a local community college. […..]


V-Commandos, a cooperative story: from a supportive community to WWII tactical missions in a game

I am Thibaud de la Touanne, originally from the French videogames industry, and today captain of my own board games adventure since I founded my company in Canada: Triton Noir. If you are a tabletop gaming aficionado, or a History lover, you might have heard about my first project, V-Commandos. If not, let me introduce […..]


Tile-laying game with beautiful patterns

We are Studio Victor Aleman, an industrial design studio from Mexico City. We strive to create innovation through design and vice versa. Our constant experimentation has guided us to create any kind of product, from furniture to foldable bikes and airless soccer balls. Now we present you our board game. In a world of virtual […..]


Jamaica: A pirate-themed tactical race game with player interaction and side goals

Hi, I’m Sébastien Pauchon. I’m a Swiss game designer/publisher and I’m here to tell you a bit about how Jamaica came about—a game I co-designed with Malcolm Braff and Bruno Cathala. It is published by our firm GameWorks. Jamaica started as a contract game we designed for an insurance company. We were almost given carte […..]


Board Game Artists #2: Shaz Yong

My name is Shaz Yong and I’m 25 years old. I’m from Malaysia, specifically from Ampang, Selangor. I’m a child of mixed Malay/Chinese parentage, which would explain my slightly uncommon name, and I was raised by my grandparents. Board game artist Shaz Yong. Used with permission. I dabbled in drawing as a child but was […..]

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