Submit is a great place to inspire others. Whether you are a designer, publisher, or just an enthusiast, we encourage you to share your story with the world. You can show that new game or variant you’re working on; a game specifically popular in your area; or even that obscure gem you’ve found on a flee market! All we ask from you is that stories and pictures are completely made by you, or you’ve got permission to submit them.

All submitted stories will be approved before they are posted on this website. We reserve the right to refuse, modify or to request further information about submitted stories. It can take some time before approved stories are posted on this website – so please be patient 🙂

Please use the email below to submit your story. Your name and country will be immortalized with the approved story. If needed we will contact you for further information. You can email us several pictures (good quality jpegs) to illustrate your story.

Please send your story and pictures to:
(Or through WeTransfer when the attachment exceeds the allowable limit of 20 MB.)


– Analog Games Team

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