Analog vs Digital Board Games: Which Are Better?

The perception people have of games has dramatically changed in the last century. While in the past, when you ask someone to show you what card games are, he would probably bring you a deck of cards, today they would bring you a tablet or an iPad instead. This change has brought about the fact that the internet has changed the perception of gaming and the accessibility of games. Nowadays, the world inclines towards digitalization, and the gaming market is not an exception. People would rather open a game on a gaming site instead of playing social games, like board games for instance, in-person, like in the old times when people gathered in front of houses to play their favorite board game together.

Board Games: Analog or Digital?
Some games have been popular for some time, while others have remained popular even today. While some prefer the old-school games like cards, chess, and monopoly, others prefer to play online casino games at sites like There is definitely a choice when it comes to gaming nowadays, especially because of the fact that online sites offer a variety of games from top gaming providers. The question arises- is the digitalization trend going to continue, is it going to replace analog board games, or is there something that metal, wood, or plastic, can’t be replaced with pixels? There is no definite answer to this question. However, the gaming industry expects that digitalization of analog games will increase sales and expect that more people will opt for digital games in the future instead of analog.

Advantages of Analog Board Games
Unlike digital board games that have little social contact, at least face-to-face, and where the solo mode is the only option there, analog games have retained the social factor and most of them don’t limit the number of players that can play the game. Some tricks and negotiations in games that you are likely to do in-person can’t simply be translated on a PC monitor. Instead of spending hours playing your favorite digital board game alone, people prefer to do it with their friends, family, or neighbors, in front of the house, in parks, and places where they can keep the social factor, discuss topics, enjoy the good weather, or have a drink while enjoying your favorite games.

Advantages of Digital Board Games
For those in favor of analog board games, players on tablets or iPads can switch turns to play their favorite board games together. Online board games have really improved in terms of graphics and design, and players do enjoy playing simultaneously more challenging games that take a longer time to complete. The level of complexity of digital board games varies, and according to the player’s level, they can choose one to meet their level and needs. Unlike analog games that take time to arrange a meeting on a spot with friends, all it takes to play digital board games is to open a gaming site or download the game on your smartphone.

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