Board game shelves around the world #42

Hello! I’m Ido, an avid board game player from Ithaca, NY. In addition to board games, I love cooking and photography. When I’m not being a responsible adult (which is often), I run the Instagram profile @the_review_board, where I try to bring board games to life through a series of photos (I’m told a picture is worth […..]


One dice tray to rule them all…

Hi there! I am Mark from SnapDice. I have invented a dice tray that is unlike any other dice tray you’ve ever seen or used. It uses premium exotic hardwood, perfectly balanced custom made steel dice and embedded neodymium rare-earth magnets. SnapDice trays combine exotic hardwoods, steel dice and rare-earth magnets. The idea for SnapDice […..]


A design that came from the Aether: the story behind Diesel Demolition Derby

The origins of Diesel Demolition Derby (DDD) tell a somewhat different tale to a normal design diary. While it is a quite an old design (the first prototype files were made almost exactly 4 years ago), the game itself hasn’t changed that much in all that time, and neither did it take that long to […..]


Board game shelves around the world #41

Hi there from beautiful The Hague, my name is Niels. Besides my special interest in board games, I love food (both eating and cooking) and photography. Although I own Nikon cameras, nowadays I mostly shoot pictures with my iPhone. You might have seen some board game pictures on my Instagram account. Apart from shooting images […..]


A little tale about the creation of a pocket-sized worker placement game

Hello there! I’m Justin Blaske, one of the Mad Scientists, and founder of Five24 Labs. A small game design and publishing studio out of Lincoln Nebraska. I spend my days as a husband, father and work as a software developer, and as a game designer by night, with my own ‘bat cave’ AKA workshop. If […..]


21 Days – a cooperative survival board game

Erik Winkelman is my name, a Dutch guy, always creating or thinking about creating. I have written theatre plays, worked as a cartoonist, made animated children television series, played in a band and for the last 5 years I have been busy working on my first board game. It wasn’t my plan to launch a […..]


Fan-made Mad Max card game

My name is Maxime Verrette, I am from Montreal, Quebec. I’m an Art Director, working full time at a web agency in the day and tinkering on personal gaming projects at night. About Mad Max I came up with this re-imaging concept shortly after the release of the Mad Max Fury Road movie in 2015. […..]

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