Mothership – Engaging, Sci-Fi Spaceship Exploding Fun

My name is Peter Sanderson, I live in Melbourne, Australia and my day job is working at a bank. Working at a bank is as inspiring as stubbing your toe on the corner of a desk. Thankfully, my creative life is more interesting. I’m proficient in many mediums but master of none. That list would include: […..]


The story of getting eight indie publishers to team up for the ultimate giveaway

This article is on how we teamed up with 8 companies to do a massive giveaway that currently going on and free to enter. Everyone loves giveaways. I still remember growing up and going to McDonald’s on one fine afternoon to buy 100 chicken nuggets, 5 Large cokes, and 2 apple pies just so I […..]


A monster-building transparent card game

I’m Gabe. Professionally, I’m a graphic designer. Since I was young I have been fascinated by creating things that other people use and enjoy. In the mid-90s, strategic card games gave me more inspiration than I could ever use up. The simple concept of game pieces with unique attributes that can combine, interact and evolve […..]


The Right of Kings

I am Alex Rivas, designer and Marketing professional from Florida. I have a passion for tabletop games and a very special interest in medieval times. Story telling is also part of my tool kit and come along well with both my profession and my hobby. I can trace back my enthusiasm for board games back […..]


A pixelated French game designer

My name is Julien Charbonnier and I’m an analog game designer from France. I used to work as a short movie producer but, due to a severe accident, I lost my job and spent several months in hospital. There I started to design board and card games. A long time hobby of mine became a […..]


Not My President The Board Game

My name is Gregory Stinson, I am a current Graduate Electrical Engineering student at the University of Maryland College Park U.S.A. My self along with two of my rock climbing buddies Omar and Marcus started Just Jokes LLC and designed ‘Not My President’. A game to provide some comic relief to this crazy political climate. […..]


Collectors Hardwood Catan Board

My name is Tyler, I’m an artist, a marine, and a huge gaming nerd. I’d like to share with you my story on how our family business began crafting hardwood game boards. I’ve always loved designing, and after I got out of the Marines I decided to start my own local t-shirt business to get […..]

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