Future of Board Gaming: Is it bright?

Everyone knows video games have become more popular than traditional tabletop board games in recent times. But the rise in playing games on screens does not mean board games are not faring well. How popular are board games? According to a study published by ReportLinker in 2019, the global board game market is expected to […..]


5 Lessons Learned from a First Time Kickstarter Project that Funded

The Wyrd of Stromgard is my first major project as a game designer. It’s still hard to call myself that, given my inexperience, but after a nervous breakdown and leaving my ‘normal adult’ job, I’ve kind of thrown all my chips into it. Stromgard started out like any other TTRPG setting- it was a rough-spun […..]


Analog vs Digital Board Games: Which Are Better?

The perception people have of games has dramatically changed in the last century. While in the past, when you ask someone to show you what card games are, he would probably bring you a deck of cards, today they would bring you a tablet or an iPad instead. This change has brought about the fact […..]


How to Play the Original Card Game Behind Online Indian Rummy

Many card games have been taken online in recent years. There are advantages to this. For instance, you can simply log in and play using a smartphone or tablet wherever you are. This can be easier than carrying a pack of cards around with you. The variety of games is good too. For instance, the […..]


Board Games Kept Me From Losing My Mind

When the pandemic hit full force in March, my three roommates and I hunkered down in our four-bedroom house in Los Angeles with our collection of board games. That first month, nobody left the house. We got groceries delivered and we steadfastly avoided the apocalypse outside. We didn’t need sunshine – we had Azul. We […..]


A spoiler free review of Escape the Room: The Cursed Dollhouse

Spoiler free: a) I will not describe any of the riddles or the solutions. b) All of the images included are of items you see when you open the box and set up the game. c) Images were approved for upload by ThinkFun (for what it’s worth these should be considered spoiler free by the […..]


6 captivating home mystery games

In the past few years, an awesome trend has sprung up in gaming, and it’s been quickly growing and evolving: home mysteries. One-off, cooperative puzzle adventures, often strongly story driven and with a lot of emphasis on atmosphere. They’re sort of a hybrid between subscription boxes like The Mysterious Package Company (check those out if […..]

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