MYnd Kraft – The story behind the new card game for the young, the old and every MYnd in between

I’m Tharini (‘T’ for short)—a 30 something cool, geeky girl who happens to be the creator of a new, somewhat nerdy yet awesome card game called MYnd Kraft. This is my story about how I created MYnd Kraft and how through this game, I rediscovered my love for card games. I used to love card […..]


What’s the difference between American and English Pool Tables?

Hello, I’m Lisa! For many years I have been doing research on pool tables and their influence on health, and how to play this awesome game. I love to help people with tips, recommendations, suggestions and expert advice related to indoor sports, pool tables and analog games. If you are particularly interested in pool tables, […..]


I’m going on vacation and I’m bringing… #10

I’m Tom, I’m a console gamer who is starting to get into unplugged games with my wife and three primary school aged children. I have a small blog called Playing Games Together. Whenever I go on holiday with the family I always try to take a few games. These are useful for keeping everyone entertained […..]


Darwin’s Choice – an insight into the first week of a board game campaign on Kickstarter

My name is Marc Dür and I am one of the board game designers behind Darwin’s Choice, which is currently live on Kickstarter. With more than 60,000 CHF committed and 1,100 backers, we are the most successful Swiss board/card game on Kickstarter. But that is not what this article is about. Rather, I am pleased […..]


Cat Crimes logic game and brainteaser for ages 8 and up

Hello once again from The Review Board. Cat Crimes is a who’s-to-blame logic game/brainteaser challenge from ThinkFun that is playable either as a solo game or with as many players as one wants. In Cat Crimes, players select a challenge card and place the appropriate crime token (tangled yarn, broken plant, etc.) onto the table. […..]


Board game shelves around the world #44

I’m Patrick, a father of four children whose ages range from 3 to 14. I’m an incessant reader and prefer fantasy, sci-fi, Stephen King, behavioral economics, and biographies (Tolkien, Seuss, historical figures, etc). I also like good comics, good beer, and good bourbon. My wife is also a board game enthusiast and has fond memories […..]


The gamer’s outdoor game: Kingdoms Lawn Game

“Stone by stone. Wall by wall. Tower by tower. Build your castles. Once built, prepare your armies for war. Have your troops sharpen their swords as well as their wits. Let the strength of their arms and courage of their hearts lead them as they march toward the battle line. Alliances will be forged and […..]

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