How we successfully Leveraged Replay-ability through Crowdsourcing Ideas and Social Media

I am Jordan Roberts, the graphic designer behind a board game that raised over $93,000+ on our first Kickstarter which became a staff favorite. Emergence was my biggest design project to date and I wanted to share how we allow players to become a permanent part of the game by creating their own custom map and […..]


Board Game Artists #1: Élise Plessis

I am Élise Plessis and I am currently 33 years old. I grew up in France in a small ski station on the Swiss border. As far as I can remember, I had two dreams as a child: having a talking squirrel living on my shoulder and becoming a « drawer ». I first really loved drawing […..]


Ether Wars: Sci-Fi dice rolling game of worker-placement and area control

The idea for Ether Wars arose on one of those bright spring afternoons. We were having a hot tea, dusting off an old game hidden behind some books in our living room. We had always been huge tabletop game fans, but the screens had absorbed our attention for years… and yet, on that cold spring […..]


How to play Tetris without batteries?

Wootris is a cool wooden puzzle game. There is no picture on the puzzle as you might expect from a typical jigsaw puzzle. There are only 12 pieces and the rules are simple: Can you fit all 12 pieces into the wooden frame? Sounds easy, right? Or perhaps not… Wootris is inspired by one of […..]


Board game Christmas trees around the world

Christmas is coming! Board game enthusiasts from all over the world express their passion for the hobby by making impressive Christmas trees out of stacked board games. By skillfully stacking your tabletop games, beautiful trees can be made (please be careful with your boxes!). Have you made a Christmas tree out of board and card […..]


Strategic campground tycoon board game

My name is Jan Willem van Dijk, I designed ‘Clash d’Ardèche – Campground Tycoon’, the game that might be your only chance of owning a campground in France yourself. Sitting in front of my tent during vacation in France, I became aware of a deep, heartfelt wish to start a campground myself. After lingering on […..]


Board Game Legends #3: Reiner Stockhausen

I’m Reiner Stockhausen and I’d like to share with you the story behind my game Orléans. The history of Orléans began 10 years ago when I had the first idea for a basic concept. This original idea was rather abstract: Each player starts with a fixed amount of several colors and has to spend these […..]

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