These are the best tabletop poker winning strategies

Poker isn’t as complicated as many professional players make it out to be! You only need a few minutes to understand the handful of available hands and get a grasp on the playing rules.

However, note that this is the easiest part, as it can take a lifetime to master how to play and consistently make good money in online casinos.

Players who are just starting need to find a balance between having lots of fun and knowing when to walk away. Lack of balance can cause your losses to rack up quite fast.

Losses are particularly common with players who don’t have the slightest idea of what they are doing. You can change this by learning a few poker-playing strategies.

1. Do Fold More, and Don’t Play every Hand
Beginning players all make the same mistake; they don’t know when to fold. In the initial days, many players want to be part of every game.

This means that they find themselves playing hands that aren’t great for them, just because they want to be part of the action taking place.

The number one thing to understand is that playing more doesn’t always translate into more wins. On the contrary, it leads to more significant losses.

When you realize that you are continuously playing or staying in half of the hands the dealer deals you, it means you need to consider upgrading your beginning hand requirements.

2. Don’t Be Intimidated by the Other Players
It doesn’t matter whether you have only been playing for a few hours or a few days. You shouldn’t let the other players on your table intimidate you.

Getting intimidated will lead to you not having a good time, making your losses rack up. The truth is that scared players always end up losing.

Some of the players may appear intimidating but prove to be lousy at playing poker. If you have spent some time reading through poker forums, you might find you are better than the players at your table.

Note that this isn’t an invitation for you to become a bully! It also doesn’t mean you should allow yourself to become a victim.

Ensure you have your game face on, and stick to your playing strategy. The truth is that you can win good money in online casinos by having and employing the right playing strategy.

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3. Exercise Patience
We have spoken about the need to put your brave face on in the previous point, but this shouldn’t encourage you to become abrasive.

Aggressiveness during gameplay may lead you to place your money in some bad hands and choose to go all-in with the hope of walking away with a great card.

Now, this is the fastest way to see the size of your chip stacks begin to shrink. Although not everyone is willing to exercise patience, the following are bottom-line tips to help you up your patience levels:

1. Remember the law of averages. It states that the majority of the hands dealt to you will prove to be losers.
2. Sit by as you wait for the poker odds to turn into your favor, and then become aggressive as you pursue your preferred spot.
3. When you notice you don’t have a strong hand, the best move you can make at this point is to fold immediately.
4. You will get more time to focus on other players and their playing strategies when you don’t have to worry about your hand.

4. Have a Reason to Switch Your Strategy
Big-time and professional poker players sometimes choose to break or move away from their normal and successful strategies, but with a good reason in mind.

An amateur player may start raising cards suited for early position takes because they are desperate for something to happen or because they have become bored.

On the other hand, an elite player will, from time to time, raise their hands early because they have noticed the table has started playing passively. They can also do this when they realize the table has many recreational players.

If you are in a position to provide a well-reasoned-out argument on why you should deviate from your playing strategy, then go ahead and do so.

However, such reasoning should only be motivated by profits, not by flimsy reasons like “I am bored” or “because I can.”

5. Begin by Playing at a Single Table
You can’t understand how this poker-playing strategy is until you have mastered the game and become a pro.
Keep your focus on learning the game and obtaining as much information on it as possible. Stick with a single table, and leave multi-tabling for when you become a pro.

Playing at one table makes it easier to absorb information. Study how your opponents are deploying their strategies and the kinds they are revealing at showdown.

Always focus on using your position and making a move only when you are sure it’s a profitable move.

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It doesn’t matter if you’re a casual card player who plays once a month or an ambitious pro who spends hours every day grinding out earnings. But I’m sure you’ve always known that truly successful players are different from the rest. However, the reality is that practically all professional poker players use a small number of ‘techniques’ to consistently beat the game.


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