Meet the wizard in this ‘pick your path’ adventure story by Bodie Hartley

Hi! My name is Bodie, I’m an illustrator, zine-maker, and dungeon master from Perth, Western Australia. I’ve recently released the second zine in my series of ‘pick your path’ adventure zines, Slowquest, Quest II: Meet the Wizard. It has been my plan all along to make these books into a series. Initially the first and […..]


Halloween games that put you in the spirit of the spookiest night of the year

Hello once again from The Review Board. The leaves are turning red and orange, and that means it’s time for Halloween. Every year, come October, I play games that put me in the spirit of the spookiest night of the year—without further ado, my spooky-games-list: Gloom, photo by The Review Board Gloom Gloom is a […..]


Board Game Artists #6: Mr. Cuddington

My name is David Forest, I just turned 28 years old, and for the past three years I’ve been better known for my work on board games as Mr. Cuddington. Perhaps confusingly, Mr. Cuddington is not the work of a single artist but actually an equal collaboration between me and my very talented wife Lina […..]


Board game shelves around the world #42

Hello! I’m Ido, an avid board game player from Ithaca, NY. In addition to board games, I love cooking and photography. When I’m not being a responsible adult (which is often), I run the Instagram profile @the_review_board, where I try to bring board games to life through a series of photos (I’m told a picture is worth […..]


One dice tray to rule them all…

Hi there! I am Mark from SnapDice. I have invented a dice tray that is unlike any other dice tray you’ve ever seen or used. It uses premium exotic hardwood, perfectly balanced custom made steel dice and embedded neodymium rare-earth magnets. SnapDice trays combine exotic hardwoods, steel dice and rare-earth magnets. The idea for SnapDice […..]


A design that came from the Aether: the story behind Diesel Demolition Derby

The origins of Diesel Demolition Derby (DDD) tell a somewhat different tale to a normal design diary. While it is a quite an old design (the first prototype files were made almost exactly 4 years ago), the game itself hasn’t changed that much in all that time, and neither did it take that long to […..]


Board game shelves around the world #41

Hi there from beautiful The Hague, my name is Niels. Besides my special interest in board games, I love food (both eating and cooking) and photography. Although I own Nikon cameras, nowadays I mostly shoot pictures with my iPhone. You might have seen some board game pictures on my Instagram account. Apart from shooting images […..]

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