Argentine strategy wargame based on the popular Risk

Hi, I’m Florencia Willams from Argentina and I am a graphic designer. For the final project of my illustration class at college, I chose to redesign the famous Argentinian board game TEG (Spanish for Tactics and Strategy for War).

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TEG is set in times of global war, occurring across a map of 50 countries which are chosen at random with cards.

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At the beginning of the game, all countries are divided amongst the players, who then mark their territory with their assigned colored chips.

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All participants have a secret goal to meet, assigned at random and unknown to the other players. At the same time, there is a common goal for all players, which is to occupy at least 30 countries. The player who first meets their own secret goal – or the shared, common goal, is the winner of the game.

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TEG is based on the rules of the classic and popular game Risk, but with some modifications. In TEG, players try to accomplish their secret goals by controlling specific areas of the map by eliminating other players. The players must expand their domains, reorder their forces, attack/defend and create pacts with other players. The mechanics for combat are based on dice results but are affected by the number of defending armies. When 3 armies attack a territory defended by a single unit, the attacker rolls 3 dice and the defender only 1. Only the highest dice results are considered: if the attacker rolls higher than the defender, the attack is successful!

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The aim of the redesign was to specifically achieve a warm, handcrafted look. The material and finish of the game move away from the commonly used rigid board. Instead, it features an old fabric map referring to the time of the World Wars.

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The redesign of the packaging focuses on functionality as the board takes up less space, reducing the overall packaging size. The plastic chips are kept in cloth bags to make sure they don’t get lost.

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Thank for reading my story, I hope you enjoyed it!

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