Which Board Games Should Be Made Into Video Games?

It’s a wonderful thing when board games are transformed into video games and live up to the hype. There’s a host of examples, from The Witcher and Fallout to Dungeons and Dragons and Monopoly, and they’re all brilliant. Plus, with the rise of eSports, there’s an extra incentive to make as many quality video games as possible.

Look at the likes of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Dota 2, which offer opportunities for players and viewers to bet on CSGO and DOTA esports, adding a different dimension to the experience. We know that board games make excellent video games and eSports events, but what we don’t know is which ones should make the transition that haven’t already. Here’s our list.

Fury of Dracula
Dracula is a master of disguise. Of course, when it comes to video games, he’s been uncharacteristically conspicuous. Overwatch, for instance, featured a Nosferatu skin that you could select if you suddenly found yourself craving blood. Still, the last time a fully-fledged storyline was dedicated to Dracula was in 2013. Let’s face it – the supernatural being has paid his dues and deserves better!

Fury of Dracula is a video game in waiting because its plot is very simple and detailed in equal measure. Your aim is to find the bloodsucking monster and bring him to justice while taking on several iconic creatures that pledge allegiance to their master. You can imagine the advanced video game graphics giving the board game a new lease of life, building the atmosphere to a fever pitch as beings of the night lurk in the shadows.

Orlog Dice Game
Orlog is a mini-game that players can enjoy in Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla. It’s so popular that people have taken the concept and turned it into a board game. The rules are pretty simple – eliminate your opponent’s health to beat them. To do it, you must roll your dice, select the stones they want to remove and wait for their rival to take their turn. If no one has won by the Resolution phase, the next round begins.

As basic as Orlog sounds, it’s very enticing, so you’ll be hooked before too long. Just ask the millions of gamers who can’t get enough. As it’s a mini-game, and now a board game, it would be ideal to develop into a title of its own, almost like a poker, blackjack or baccarat offering at online casinos.

Dungeons and Dragons: Attack Wing
Dungeons and Dragons is arguably the board game that kick-started the craze. That’s one more reason to bring out a sequel – it’s pretty much guaranteed to work. The trick is to find a Dungeons and Dragons edition that has all the components video game developers and fans desire, and Attack Wing fits the bill because of its battle royale format.

You might cringe at the sound of another battle royale game. The trend may feel played out, yet that’s because there aren’t many good examples of a battle royale board game done properly. In Attack Wing, the range of characters to pick from in combination with dragons locked in mortal combat must make for compelling action. With the help of a smart melee system, it could be a sure thing.

Those are our three choices. What board game would you like to be made into a video game?

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8 responses to “Which Board Games Should Be Made Into Video Games?

Great article, I would 100% play D&D battle royale!

I was thinking the other day that Galaxy Trucker would make an amazing roguelike style game, I’m almost surprised it isn’t already.


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