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There is nothing better than a game of poker with friends on a weekend, but sometimes it isn’t possible to get them all together in one location. However, with a number of online table games accessible to you online you can have that very same experience without even leaving the house. Here, we are going to look at some of the highly popular tabletop games that can be played both online and in person.


One of the most popular games for those that love to gamble is definitely Poker. With a large number of players playing this online and, in the casino, there are a number of reasons why this game is so popular. This is a popular online table game and too many, as it is much more than just a simple card game, but rather a game of skill and strategic timing. It is vital that you outlast the other players with the best hand possible. One crucial aspect of what draws people to this game is the social aspect, this builds the anticipation and allows for a competitive element to the game.

This game is also one that can be played online with online poker tables and live chats lending themselves well to the fully immersive experience that players crave. There are currently a number of poker players playing frequently online with high rollers taking home large earnings with every game making this a popular choice for those looking to win big. This option of online poker is ideal for those with a busy lifestyle as it allows them to play on the go whether they are on the train or at home on the laptop.


Blackjack is yet another table game that lends itself to traditional tabletop gameplay as well as online. Commonly played with a pack of 52 cards this old-time favourite can be played with no minimum bet allowing for all those that want to participate. If you are playing in a casino the house may set a limit of a minimum bet to ensure that the jackpot is worth playing for. However, if you are playing online there are a number of options that allow you to play this game with a minimum bet of one pound.

Although this may seem like a very small bet, this is the perfect starting place for beginners with blackjack offering itself to players with a vast range of experience. In addition to this, the game opens up a large jackpot for a player on the table to win. This adds tension to the game making it the ideal playing experience for those looking for a competitive edge.


Another game that is popular to many both online or in a casino is Roulette. This game features a wheel that is spun with a bet placed by the player on either red or black. This is perfect for those that are looking for an adrenaline filled game as the table can turn in anyone’s favour. Whether you pick the winning colour every time or you have a stroke of bad luck, this game is the perfect game for a group of friends looking for that competitive edge. The same is to be said when playing this game online as there are a number of options for you to choose from. With live games for you to join as well as simulated games with online chatrooms, you can fully customise your playing experience without compromising on the overall gameplay.


Finally, the last game on this list that is highly popular is Baccarat. Highly popular with high rollers due to the higher rate of winning baccarat allows users to bet on their hand winning, the house winning or a tie. This overall mechanic means that it is completely down to the luck of the pick and evens the playing field for all those that are playing. This is also a highly popular game for those playing online as it has a simple set of rules that could end up winning you a large amount of money. Not only this but the house runs a large number of games for those playing with differing budgets making this a game that everyone can play.

When playing this online you will have the exact functionality as you would when playing in a casino, the only difference is you are in the comfort of your own home. There are a number of gambling sites that allow you the option to claim currency such as bitcoin for their platform or real currency allowing you to keep track of your winnings and the rate that you are spending them.

Regardless of whether you chose to play this game online at home or in a casino of your choice, there is no denying that each game brings its own unique playing experience that caters to all types of gambler making them all outstanding choices for you and your friends.

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