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As summer approaches board game enthusiasts around the world are dreaming of playing their favorite games on vacation. Playing analog games is a great way to spend time with family, friends, or to connect with total strangers. Whether you are at the seaside, backpacking in a foreign country, or off-the-grid in a mountain cabin, there’s always a suitable game. In this series we take a look at the top 5 games your fellow board game enthusiasts love to bring on vacation. Today we are going to look at the top 5 by charmbo.gamer from Australia!

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5. Qwirkle (Susan McKinley Ross, 2006)
Qwirkle is a family favourite. We actually packed this game on a huge trip from the east coast to the west coast of America. It is part of my staple vacation kit. The gameplay itself is great, very few rules and easily explained. You make lines of tiles that are either all the one colour or all the one shape. It looks like scrabble with colours and shapes! There is no set up time, you simply unfold your camp table, open the Qwirkle bag and you will be playing within minutes. People can become competitive instantly, there is no huge advantage for being an experienced player, so it is very balanced for introducing people to games at the picnic table. There is no board or cards to worry about getting damaged during your trip, which is a big deal if you are fussy like me! If you get a little clumsy after a few well earned vacation drinks, the timber tiles are easily wiped clean. The tiles themselves are bright, vibrant and easily seen when playing with dim camp lighting. It is very eye catching, as soon as you start playing, people will start to come over and take interest. All age groups will enjoy this one! Qwirkle is ideal for camping!!”

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4. The Game (Steffen Benndorf, 2015)
The Game is a ‘must have’ in everyones vacation kit. It can be played with just yourself, or up to 5 people. It is a cooporative game where everyone either wins or loses together. It is simply made up of a deck of cards which packs beautifully into a small box. I do recommend sleeving the cards though, as they will be more robust and less prone to damage when packing, plus you don’t have to worry about spilled drinks or sticky fingers from your favourite holiday treats. The game is simple, 4 rows of cards are formed in the middle of your coffee shop table. 2 rows going up from 1 -99 and 2 rows going down of 100-2. Everyone must work as a team to lay as many cards as possible into the 4 rows of cards, all cards if possible. This game is such a fantastic ice breaker for family fun. It opens the lines of communication. Team strategy and communication is vital to win! This team talk soon becomes conversation, it will bring you all closer together. You can play it if you are at the airport awaiting your flight, at a coffee shop, a picnic in the park or on the road in your RV. Guaranteed vacation goodness.”

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3. Kobayakawa (Jun Sasaki, 2013)
Kobayakawa consists of 15 cards! That is all you have to pack!! Again sleeve them for durability, but then you are good to go!! You can stick the cards in your back pocket, handbag or travel bag! The game also comes with tokens to bet with, however, during my vacation I tend to leave them at home. My family and friends usually use 10c pieces or chocolates to bet with, winner takes all!! Well at least until the next game or when all the chocolates are eaten. In fact, you could bet with anything, pebbles from your camp ground!! This game is perfect to have with a few drinks with your mates during your holiday! Each player has a couple of draw actions to decide upon and then bet with 1 chocolate or pass. The person who has the highest total of cards wins the loot. Whoever has the most chocs at the end of of the game wins! This game will be taught to your mates in minutes. This game gets packed on every holiday I go on!!”

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2. 12 Days of Christmas (Gord!, 2015)
“This game oozes festive season vacations! We took this game with us camping over our Christmas holidays (its summer down under during Christmas) and it continually got played. Through the day in the camp kitchen, by the fire at night. This game simulates card games which people are already familiar. Its all about trick taking, making straights, 2 of a kind or more and just singular cards. The Christmas theme really shines through, it is themed like the 12 days of Christmas song. Before long your group will be humming or singing the words at least once! It consists of one deck of cards in a small box which is easily packed into your day bag or travel luggage. Grab a mug of eggnog, put on your fav Christmas carols and play some 12 days of Christmas! A must have festive season vacation classic!”

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1. Lanterns: The Harvest Festival (Christopher Chung, 2015)
“Admittedly, Lanterns is slightly more cumbersome and demands more table space then my other vacation games, but it is well worth the extra space. Its nothing your fold out camping table or RV bench can’t handle. The game consists of chunky cardboard tiles and wooden tokens. There is no board to worry about damaging, although there are some cards to sleeve. I have taken this game to holiday apartments, camping and RV trips. The last time I played this was camping by a campfire! The game colours are vibrant and easily seen under the camp fire lights. The game is easily taught and engaging! It is highly interactive where each player always has something to do during everybodies turn. Its beautiful and elegant and worth the extra effort making room in your bag for!!”

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