Racing game with mysterious caves and technologically advanced aeroplanes

My name is Martijn Weterings and I live in Leeuwarden, the Netherlands. I teach ecology to undergraduate students and do research on the European hare.

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Our story began about three years ago. Thinking about games, I always wanted to make a board game out of the old-school Arcade computer games. Not a static game, but a game that would be different every time you would play it. A game that would be as long or as short as you like. A game that would require strategy, as well as tactics.

analog games

You’ll probably remember Zeppelin, an Arcade game from 1984. You and your zeppelin had to fly through a cave, avoiding obstacles and shooting laser beams. At some points your zeppelin could barely move through a narrow cave, while nasty moving platforms or mines blocked your way. I started thinking about a flexible card game that would capture this experience. A cave, build by you and your friends, in which each cave part would represent a dangerous challenge that players had to beat. I started developing this idea with my wife. First with simple handwritten paper cave parts, later on we improved the game mechanics, symbology and lay-out.

analog games

After testing for a year, we played our game with several of our friends. They were excited and thrilled! From then onward we really wanted to continue the development, while we envisioned a boxed game for sale in a game store. We contacted an artist to make some sample art for our game, while we continuously improved the game based on feedback from demonstrations.

analog games

After two more years, we are ready to launch our project on Kickstarter to collect the funds necessary to produce our dream. We have called it Cave Pilot 55 – the Arcade Card Game.

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