Playing Dominoes with volumes

Hello! My name is Valérian Henry and I am currently a fourth year student at the design department at the School of Fine Arts in Rennes, France.

In my personal work I examine the various aspects of games and their embodiments. My first research led to study the game elements in the process of creating a structure, such as in a game of Dominoes. By experimenting with Dominoes I started looking how I could redesign the components in an innovative way.

analog games

First I tried to use the different patterns that each game of Dominoes creates as a construction module, but I quickly realized that changing each piece into a volume would change the game and the way of playing. And this was the start of my Dominoes project.

analog games

My Dominoes project is a reinterpretation in volume of the traditional Chinese game. The transformation of the typical flat Domino stones to pieces with different volumes brings a new dimension to the gameplay; in each game players create patterns in three dimensions by matching stones with the same volume in height.

analog games

The base of the pieces is two by four centimeters, and the numbers of the Domino stones are transposed in heights, for example, number two is associated with a height of two centimeters.

analog games

Giving the Dominoes stones volumes brings a new dimension to the rules; hiding the values on your stones is not needed anymore, because guessing the heights of the pieces of you opponent isn’t an easy task. This redesign offers new possibilities to play Dominoes, such as construction games where the color of the wood could be part of the gameplay, and thus brings new ways of play and lots of possibilities.

analog games

Finally, the storage box keeps its recognizable original shape, but it is a game in itself: tidying up becomes a puzzle!

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