Pirate card game for all ages

My name’s Peter C. Hayward—I’m a full-time author and game designer from Australia, currently in the process of moving to Canada. I’ve been a professional author for a few years now, and have started dabbling my feet into game design and development. For the past few years I have been working on assembling games for my new company, Jellybean Games.

Scuttle! is my first project for Jellybean Games—it’s based on an old 2-player card game I used to play with my sister when we were kids—Cuttle!

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When I was looking to create my first Kickstarter project, I decided to go with something small—a simple deck of cards. I remembered how much fun Cuttle was, and how frustrating it was to teach new people—if only the cards had the abilities written on them…

After playing with the idea for a few hours, it quickly became obvious that the game was begging to be a pirate game, and so Scuttle! was born.

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Scuttle! is a quick and simple card game suitable for pirates as young as 6. Each turn, you either draw a card or play a card. Cards can be played as treasure (for their face value) or as an action (with each number doing something unique). You can steal treasure from opponents, draw extra cards, and much more—the first player to reach 21 doubloons worth of treasure wins!

analog games

I love the elegance in non-digital games. You can’t give a thousand numbers to a computer to crunch—you need to be able to have everything be entirely self-contained and easy for new players to understand. The best non-digital games are stuff like Codenames, which is so elegant it feels incredible that it hasn’t been invented already!

analog games

Scuttle! has been developed to be simple enough for young gamers to enjoy, while having enough strategy to engage grown-ups as well. The game has only a few hours left, so check it out if you want to get the exclusive promos!

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