Human vs. zombie board game

Out Last: Westbrooke has been in the works for over a year and half created by two designers, Nathan and Kevin. The first six months were spent just dialing in the rules and concepts. Creating prototype after prototype and countless playtests. After the rules and game play had been solidified, Nathan got to work on creating the illustrations for the game. Knowing that Out Last was going to be a zombie game, Nathan wanted to make sure that the artwork really pushed that theme.

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Knowing that there were already a bunch of zombie games out there, Nathan and Kevin knew that the artwork really needed stand out and be different. They looked to all different sources of inspiration such as movies, concert posters, video games, and other talented illustrators. After a few months of creating different illustrations, Nathan landed on a style that they found really striking and began to really develop that style. The artwork is dark, rough, and grungy which really helps to create that sense of not knowing what could be waiting for you in the shadows.

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The gameplay of Out Last has been inspired by many different sources including other tabletop games, movies, and video games. Kevin and Nathan enjoy playing cooperative games and wanted that to be an aspect in Out Last. They found that those games can sometimes be anticlimactic in the end so together they decided that rather than just working together against the game if you had to work against another player that would achieve the competitive nature that was desired. It also makes strategizing and keeping that strategy secret a very fun aspect of the game.

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They also wanted there to be a good amount of tension from start to finish which is why the nuclear bomb component was added to always make you wary of how much time is remaining in the game. Along with having to fight off loads of zombies this achieves that desired amount of pressure. This will surely keep you on the edge of your seat the entire game!

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And lastly the game to needed to be simple and easy to learn but still offer enough complexity to keep you entertained. The game board is composed of 25 tiles that are laid out differently each game. This allows for loads of different outcomes and makes the game different each time. Kevin and Nathan worked for over a year and a half to whittle down the rules and components to what they thought was necessary for an easy to learn and competitive game with outstanding artwork.

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You can visit the Kickstarter page, or you can visit the PsychoCat site for more information.

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