Deliciously creative party game for foodies

Hi! I’m Kevin Reader, one of the designers of Competition Kitchen. Competition Kitchen has been baking in the oven for over 10 months now. The original idea of the game came from me and my co-designer Joe. We have a shared passion for cooking competition shows. We wanted to find a way to recreate that cooking show experience at home, but without any of the mess.

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Joe and I have been writing and producing comedy shows and podcasts with The Nerdologues for years now. We fell in love with games, because it is another form of storytelling. We’ve both been trained in theatre and as improvisors. We wanted to create an experience that really helped people develop their story telling. We believe that food has the ability to be a very democratic world. After all, everyone eats. What we really love about Competition Kitchen, is that it gets people into roleplaying that might not normally do so. So, if you’ve been trying to get that one friend to play DnD, but they aren’t convinced. Have them play something lighter and accessible like this. Then, sneak a character sheet in front of them with a pile of dice and see what happens.

analog games

The goal of Competition Kitchen is to create the most unique dish that will impress your friend(s) at the table. You’ll play both as Judges and Chefs. If you’re the judge, you issue a challenge card to all of the chefs at the table. You’ll also throw a secret ingredient into the mix that the chefs must use in their dish as well. Your friends weave together a food experience for you. It could be completely zany, or very food technical. We’ve seen play groups go both ways with it. The game feels very open to let the players at the table dictate what type of game they are going to have.

We have seen some of the most delicious and disgusting food experiences come from different play groups. From magma seared steaks from Mordor to ornate flights of ahi tuna tacos. We’re always amazed at what people dream up while playing! And we’re excited to hear about what other people create and discover.

analog games

We’ve also been fortunate enough to reach out to some of our favorite people in the culinary world for secret ingredient contributions to the game. So, for all you food lovers out there, there’s some secret ingredients that have been sent to us by the likes of Mario Batali, Ina Garten, Graham Elliot, J Kenji Lopez-Alt and more!

We’re on Kickstarter now for the next 10ish days, and we’d love the support from awesome gamers like you!

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