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Well I’m David Garrick from the north east of England. I’m not the famous Shakespearian actor you think I am. I wear black pants, play and review boardgames, I use the term “review” very loosely as @Boardosaurus and I have a 3 legged cat called Jonah. He’s a bit of a jerk.

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How did you get into this world of non-digital games?
Short answer – Wil Wheaton. Long answer – There isn’t one.

I grew up playing computer and console games, boardgames never entered in to my child hood. I wish I had a loving back story to the hobby like I do for my love of comics, or vintage cameras, or cats. But I don’t. Like a lot of people 5 years ago Tabletop opened a whole new world, a whole new unexplored section of my local comic shop, travelling man, my first game was Cthulhu Fluxx, I saw Star Fluxx on Tabletop and wanted to give it a go. The shop didn’t have it, so instead of ordering it in I picked up Cthulhu Fluxx played it once, sold it, and then bought Pirate Fluxx the day after. I don’t get the whole Cthulhu thing on boardgames, sorry.

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How often do you play?
Considering I review boardgames, not enough. Most of my gaming group have moved out of town and or work away a lot, we get together when every one is home. My partner endures the odd game if I cook tea and clean my mess up after, boardgames aren’t her thing. But in the mean time I am venturing in to solo gaming and I’m quite enjoying it there’s a lot of solid solo games out there.

analog games

analog games

Can you tell us something about your shelves?
They aren’t anything special, a billy bookcase from Ikea which chronicles the unhealthy addiction to my hobbies and vices through the years. Top to bottom we have extensive vintage camera collection, comic books then all important boardgames, boardgames and more boardgames all scattered with the occasional Lego model action figure or pop vinyl. Looking at it, it is basically a timeline of my life since I was 8, it’s nice to look at.

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What is your favorite game at the moment?
I can only pick one right? … Man this is tough, Suburbia, no. Small World, no. Flash Point Fire Rescue, no… ahhh man… Bottom of the Ninth, I’ll be honest there is no competition at the moment I love that game and said many a good thing on Instagram about it, it’s a solid 1 or 2 player baseball game that simulates the ninth inning of a game. But I’m from the UK we don’t have nor understand baseball here, to be honest I know more about baseball from Bot9 than growing up playing cricket. So yeah Bottom of the Ninth by Dice Hate Me Games.

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What is your most special or obscure game?
Rocca Rails, a tiny Japanese card game where it basically plays like Dominoes and you build a faux 3d train network. The rules are in Japanese and I had to navigate a Japanese website using Google translate to order it only to find a website on the UK selling it two days late.

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Thank you so much for sharing your story! Something you would like to add?
Shameless plug, shameless plug, go check out my Instagram reviews at @Boardosaurus like, follow, share, message me, send me games to review!! *Cough cough*

So yeah that is pretty much it for me thanks for having me.

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