The gamer’s outdoor game: Kingdoms Lawn Game

“Stone by stone. Wall by wall. Tower by tower. Build your castles. Once built, prepare your armies for war. Have your troops sharpen their swords as well as their wits. Let the strength of their arms and courage of their hearts lead them as they march toward the battle line. Alliances will be forged and broken and forged again as the twelve kingdoms clash to claim victory over the realm. In the end, there can only be one victor….MAY THE MIGHTY RISE TO CONQUER ALL!”

Hi, I’m Denny Weston, game designer from Charlottesville, VA. Kingdoms Lawn Game is all about bringing the board gaming experience outside for people to enjoy during family gatherings, BBQ’s picnics, church and school outings, etc.

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In Kingdoms Lawn Game, players control one of the twelve unique kingdoms within the realm. Each Kingdom has their own profile and special ability to assist them during the game. These features really elevate the game from the rest of the lawn game market. When people play the game, they get invested in their kingdom’s identity the same way people get invested in their sport’s team. There are some folks who will play with the same kingdom each time, refusing to play as anyone else.

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There is tons of player interaction with a player count from 2-16 players. In a game of Kingdoms Lawn Game, alliances are often formed, broken and formed again between kingdoms. Trash talk and friendly banter are exchanged. Unlike games of kubb, horseshoes and cornhole where players are isolated on opposite ends of the playing field; Kingdoms Lawn Game has all players together in one area which increases communication between players.

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The gameplay is simple enough for all ages to understand, but also has a depth of strategy and re-playability to the random set-up. The Gameplay: players will attempt to conquer one another by knocking down each other’s blocks (known as castles) by throwing balls (known as armies) behind a designated line (known as the battle line). The last player with castles standing is declared the victor.

We are currently on for our second campaign of Kingdoms Lawn Game. I’d appreciate your support and love to build you a set of Kingdoms Lawn Game for your family and friends to enjoy. Let’s bring gaming outdoors!

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