Bézier Games Announces Werewords Deluxe

Today, Bézier Games announced Werewords Deluxe Edition, a new version of the hit party game that puts a Werewolf twist on a popular word game. The game will be launched on Kickstarter on March 5 2018, and will ship in time for Gen Con this summer.

Werewords Deluxe Edition takes the original Werewords game, addresses issues gamers had with the original production, and adds new roles and modes to the original game. It supports a larger (and smaller) number of players, and the app has been entirely reworked to provide an even better experience for players.

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The core of Werewords has not changed: One player is the Mayor, who knows a Magic Word that is so powerful that it has rendered him speechless. This Magic Word, when said by everyone in the village, will remove all the werewolves, keeping everyone safe. In order to guess the Magic Word, players ask the Mayor questions, and he responds by handing them Yes, No, or Maybe tokens. Unfortunately, the werewolves also know the Magic Word, and are trying to divert the village from figuring it out, while the Seer knows the word but has to be careful not to give away her identity. In yet another twist, the Mayor himself might even be a werewolf!

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Werewords Deluxe mixes in a new Seer-like role, the Fortune Teller, who only knows certain letter of the Magic Word, the Thing (that goes bump in the night) who secretly lets other players know he’s on the village team, the Apprentice (who takes over for the Seer if the Mayor has that card), and more. The artwork has been totally redone for both new and old characters.

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There’s a brand new optional mode of play, called Speedwords, in which the players get to see the number of letters in the word, and some of the letters themselves…which are chosen by the werewolves! The downside to this is that players have half the time to figure out the Magic Word.

And of course, there’s a brand new app for this, with a brand new narrator (who has a brand new attitude).

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What’s new in the Werewords Deluxe Edition box
Here’s a list of some of the differences between the original Werewords game and the new Deluxe Edition:

  • New Artwork for roles, cards, and tokens
  • New roles: Apprentice, Fortune Teller, Thing (that goes bump in the night), Masons, and more
  • Rewritten, expanded 20 page rulebook with great tips on how to play with different age groups, large groups, and more
  • New Speedwords gameplay mode
  • New rules for 2 and 3 player games
  • Support for 2-20 players (the original supported 4-10 players)
  • New Way Way Off token that the Mayor can use to try to get the group back on track
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What’s new in the Werewords Deluxe Edition App
Here are some of the enhancements to the Werewords Deluxe Edition app:

  • New artwork
  • New Narrator
  • New Roles
  • 2 player mode
  • Speedwords mode
  • Options for controlling the Fortune Teller’s letter display
  • New endgame screen that indicates which team should be voting, and which roles they were looking for
  • International default wordlist option
  • Difficulty adjustment based on player count
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Things in the current Werewords app that you might not be aware of
The current version of the app has had a great number of enhancements to it over the past 6 months since Werewords was released. These items will also be in the new app:

  • Create your own custom word lists directly in the app (type or paste them in)
  • Upload custom wordlists to for everyone to use
  • Directly import user-generated community wordlists from directly from within the app
  • New built-in wordlist categories: Food, Literature, Movies, Music, The 50’s and 60’s, and The 80’s.
  • Over 15,000 unique words in the default and built-in lists
  • Proper nouns are now capitalized, while other words are not
  • New Players button that shows number of players in the game based on roles selected, and also can be used to easily add or remove players without having to tap roles (tap once to increase, tap and hold to adjust in either direction)

We will continue to enhance the Werewords app and add additional features and wordlists after the game is released.

Kickstarter and Release Date
There will be a Kickstarter for Werewords Deluxe Edition starting on March 5th, and the game will ship in time for Gen Con this summer.

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