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Board game Christmas trees around the world

Christmas is coming! Board game enthusiasts from all over the world express their passion for the hobby by making impressive Christmas trees out of stacked board games. By skillfully stacking your tabletop games, beautiful trees can be made (please be careful with your boxes!). Have you made a Christmas tree out of board and card […..]


Strategic campground tycoon board game

My name is Jan Willem van Dijk, I designed ‘Clash d’Ardèche – Campground Tycoon’, the game that might be your only chance of owning a campground in France yourself. Sitting in front of my tent during vacation in France, I became aware of a deep, heartfelt wish to start a campground myself. After lingering on […..]


Board Game Legends #3: Reiner Stockhausen

I’m Reiner Stockhausen and I’d like to share with you the story behind my game Orléans. The history of Orléans began 10 years ago when I had the first idea for a basic concept. This original idea was rather abstract: Each player starts with a fixed amount of several colors and has to spend these […..]


Wizards of the Tabletop: Portraits of Game Designers & Accomplices

I’m Douglas Morse and I’d like to share with you the story behind my coffee table book Wizards of the Tabletop: Portraits of Game Designers & Accomplices. Author and Photographer Douglas Morse. Steve Jackson was exhausted. He had just taken on 12 opponents grand master style in an Ogre Tournament. He won ten of them. […..]


The best family board games of 2016

We are living in the Golden Age of tabletop games. Board and card game Christmas gifts are hot, and the number of new tabletop releases increases every year. Platforms such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo have also drastically boosted sales of the so-called analog games. This year, more games have been produced than in any year […..]


Innovative 3-player abstract strategy board game from Iran

My name is Mohammad Hasan, and my wife is Maryam. We are both pharmacists from Iran. We have been interested in mind games for quite a long time, but our more advanced interest started about 5 years ago. We mainly focus on abstract strategy board game design, but additionally we work on other types of […..]


Board Game Legends #2: Shem Phillips

I’m Shem Phillips, a board game designer and publisher from Kapiti, New Zealand. I’ve been designing games for around nine years, originally just as a hobby and creative outlet. Over this time I have also held down a day job, primarily as an operations manager at the digital garment printing company, Print Mighty. However, next […..]

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