Kill the King

I am Petter Schanke Olsen from Norway. A film producer by day and board game developer by night. I made Kill the King with my companion Thomas Lie Gjeseth from our game company Tompet Games. Kill the King is our first game. Strategy games have always been my favorite genre when playing computer games. The […..]


Board game adaptation of revenge movies

Dear lovers of all things analog, this is Gordon Calleja, the designer of Vengeance, currently on Kickstarter and last year’s Posthuman. I’m based in Malta and split my time between making games (board and digital) and my day job, which is researching and lecturing about games. Yep, a pretty gamey life! In this article I’ll […..]


Board game shelves around the world #33

Hey there, I’m Paul (@mrjuggles on Twitter, on Instagram and on BGG) I’m 43 and a full time stay at home foster carer to a young person with disabilities, two children aged 2 and 4 with behavioural issues, as well as having two biological children of my own (3 and 16). I love reading, music, […..]


Zax & Yoma – The game design duo from Greece

Hi there! We are Zax & Yoma, a game design duo from Greece. Although being friends for almost 20 years, coming from totally different professions, we would never expect that there would be a common field to work together. It has only been a year now that we co-operate, and we have already finished four […..]


Get Bit! – The game that began with a shark

I’m Dave Chalker, game designer for several games including Thief’s Market, Heat, Criminals, and my most well known game Get Bit! If you’re familiar with the game, you might not be surprised that the game started with a shark. Years ago, when I was just starting out in game design, I attended a talk at […..]


Tabletop game design with pirates and custom made wooden dice

Hi there! I am Wouter, a game designer from The Netherlands. I started designing board and card games in 2013. In 2014, Fully Analog published my first game: Greedy Pirates. Since then I’ve designed two other games, one of which has recently been published as well: Wacky Pirates. My third game will be launched later […..]


Board game shelves around the world #32

Hello! My name is Bethany and my games are featured on Instagram at @boardgamersaurus. I have only just started this account as a way to show what games I am loving and it also allows me to create fun and creative compositions for photos using the games I love. It is also an awesome way […..]

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